List of US States for ACF Select Field (with lowercase values)

Hi everyone! If you work with Advanced Custom Fields on a regular basis, you’ll often run into the need to populate your Select fields with values that your website admins can choose. One common thing I do is to have a state select drop down by building a select box, like this:

In case you didn’t know, you can populate the choices of your select dropdown using values and labels. Just specify “value : Label” and you will be good to go, as so:

Some wonderful soul made a list of US States for a select field for ACF. They posted this on the ACF support forums in 2014 and there has been a ton of traction ever since. I’m so thankful to whoever made this list and have used it many times. However, there’s one small change I’d like to make.

I prefer to keep my variable and value names lowercase, to avoid the trauma of case issues. It’s considered a clean programming thing to do, especially in PHP. So I’ve put together my own list—a list that is exactly the same, but lowercase. Enjoy!

al : Alabama
ak : Alaska
az : Arizona
ar : Arkansas
ca : California
co : Colorado
ct : Connecticut
de : Delaware
dc : District of Colombia
fl : Florida
ga : Georgia
hi : Hawaii
id : Idaho
il : Illinois
in : Indiana
ia : Iowa
ks : Kansas
ky : Kentucky
la : Louisiana
me : Maine
md : Maryland
ma : Massachusetts
mi : Michigan
mn : Minnesota
ms : Mississippi
mo : Missouri
mt : Montana
ne : Nebraska
nv : Nevada
nh : New Hampshire
nj : New Jersey
nm : New Mexico
ny : New York
nc : North Carolina
nd : North Dakota
oh : Ohio
ok : Oklahoma
or : Oregon
pa : Pennsylvania
pr : Puerto Rico
ri : Rhode Island
sc : South Carolina
sd : South Dakota
tn : Tennessee
tx : Texas
ut : Utah
vt : Vermont
va : Virginia
 wa : Washington
 wv : West Virginia
 wi : Wisconsin
wy : Wyoming
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